Additional Services

Material and Area Takeoff

Easy Landscape Plan recommends adding a takeoff to every proposal request whether you are interested in a “Do It Yourself” project or hiring a contractor. A takeoff allows for apples to apples bids from contractors and accurate material purchasing. This service is delivered as an Excel spreadsheet and begins at $25.

Hard Copy Prints of Plans

Easy Landscape Plan is a 100% digital experience providing PDF formatted plans scaled to print correctly on large format plotters. It is simple and easy to email these PDF plans to contractors who have their own large format plotters or to a Fedex/Kinkos or other local print shop for a DIY project.

We prefer to save you time and keep things “easy” by offering to ship you (2) copies of your set of scaled field folded plans when you add it to your proposal request. This service is $25 per field set.

Contractor Recommendations

If you do not already have contractor recommendations and are not particularly handy, then ask us for Contractor Recommendations. A DIY project and a contracted project are designed differently due to the fact that contractor materials are not always available to the public. For larger projects, time and money can easily be lost without a contractor who has experience, and we recommend that you select the best company for your installation. This service is complimentary with any purchase of $500 or more.