ELPLandscapePlan12-Dimensional Marker Rendering

Color graphics clarify landscape design ideas, and they are recommended for those who have trouble understanding construction documents. Easy Landscape Plan, LLC provides 2-D renderings of the initial plan colored with artistic markers by hand to create an impression of material and flowering shrub characteristics. This type of graphic is delivered as a PDF and begins at $50.

Digital Perspectives from a 3-Dimensional Model

A 3-dimensional model allows for a 360 degree view of what your new outdoor room will look like. Using a combination of rendering software, perspective and isometric views are created to showcase highlighted areas of interest in a design so that spacial relationships and material details can be fully realized before construction. This is highly recommended for pool design and outdoor cook centers for those who cannot visualize unique designs or  details for these areas. This type of graphic is delivered as image files and begins at $300 dependent upon design needs.

Walk-through or fly-through videos can be an additional resource to visual how a newly designed place can be used. Walk-through videos can only be constructed with a fully detailed model, and are recommended for very large outdoor living projects.

EasyLandscapePlan- Graphic Design

Photo Composite

A combination of digital graphic design software is used in conjunction with a high quality photo of the area being designed to create a “real life” look before construction. Photo composites are recommended for landscape design in lieu of a 3-D model. For a front yard re-design, using a preferred home image and viewing angle will give a greater understanding of how a new landscape will look towards others especially if you are considered putting your home on the market in the near future. This type of graphic is delivered as an image file and begins at $150 dependent upon design needs.